Listen to Graphic Policy Radio with guest Brandon Graham on Demand

This past Monday night Graphic Policy Radio, the show that mixes comics and politics, returned with a first time special guest! Brandon Graham dialed in to discuss his comic career and some of his latest releases!

Graham has worked with everyone from Antarctic Press, Oni Press, NBM Publishing, to Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, and more! Recently, Graham has had two impressive releases, both through Image. 8House: Arclight debuted July 1 and is a fantasy world featuring sharp genderqueer knights, blood magic, music, dancing, and a goose. Island debuted July 15, and is a new ongoing comics magazine featuring the talents of Graham, Emma Ríos, and more.

We discuss both series and a whole lot more during the show.

There was some audio issues, but things smooth out at about the 40 minute mark.