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Z2 Comics Publisher Josh Frankel & Filmmaker and Producer Sridhar Reddy Launch Modern Prometheus Production Company

z2logoblueThe publisher of Z2 Comics, Josh Frankel, and independent filmmaker Sridhar Reddy have announced the formation of a new production company, Modern Prometheus. Frankel and Reddy will both serve as Co-Chairman and will be responsible for sourcing and developing comic book intellectual property and overseeing media finance, operations and production. Modern Prometheus will have a first look option for all Z2 Comics publications, including their recently announced line of creator owned comic books and their expanded graphic novel slate.

Modern Prometheus already has film and television projects in varying stages of production, including:

  • A Welcome to Showside animated pilot, based on the upcoming Z2 Comic book series by Ian McGinty, with an ensemble cast including iconic musician Henry Rollins. McGinty is serving as writer and showrunner and the pilot is slated for completion in the fourth quarter of this year. A Welcome to Showside features the adventures of Kit, a lovable kid with a monstrous secret: his dad is the Great Shadow King and he wants Kit to take over the family business of destroying the world. The first issue of the ongoing comic book series will be released by Z2 Comics in October 2015.
  • A live action adaptation of One Trick Rip-Off, the New York Times bestselling graphic novel from Eisner Award-winning writer/artist Paul Pope. Pope is Executive Producer on the film. The screenplay by Sridhar Reddy tells the story of young lovers Tubby and Vim who want to escape the mistakes they’ve made, the lives they’ve lived, and the city weighing them down. Their plan is simple: all they have to do is rip-off Tubby’s pals, the One Tricks – the toughest street gang in the city. If they pull it off, they’re set for life. If not, their lives won’t matter much anyway.

This deal has been a almost a year in the making and the culmination of a lot of work.