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Ant-Man Holds of Pixels to Stay on Top

ant-man movie posterIn the early reports for the weekend box-office, Ant-Man has barely held off Pixels to remain in the top spot for the weekend. The film earned an estimated $24.765 million, and Pixels earned an estimated $24 million.

Ant-Man benefited from Pixels poor reviews top hold out, and crossed the $100 million mark. It has earned around $106 million, which it earned in 10 days. So far globally Ant-Man has earned $225.5 million and still has numerous territories to open up in.

In other geeky movie news. Minions held on to third place earning $22.1 million to bring its global total to $759.4 million. Jurassic World added $6.9 million domestically to bring its total to $1.542 billion. Terminator: Genisys added $2.4 million and stands at $305.1 million. Avengers: Age of Ultron continues to earn adding $347,000 to its domestic total. It now stands at $1.396 billion.

Domestically, Jurassic World stands as the top domestic earner with $623.8 million. Avengers: Age of Ultron is second with $456.6 million, and Furious 7 is third with $351 million.

Worldwide, Jurassic World has earned $1.542 billion to be in first, Furious 7 is second with $1.512 billion, and Avengers: Age of Ultron is third with $1.396 billion.

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