Invisible Republic, Vol. 1 gritty science fiction lands in August

Fan-favorite comic book writer and film storyboard artist Gabriel Hardman teams up with artist Corinna Bechko for an all-new science fiction series in Invisible Republic, Vol. 1. This collects issues #1-5 into trade paperback and will be available in August.

In Invisible Republic, Vol. 1, when a reporter unearths the secret history of the recently deposed dictator of a remote colonized moon, he discovers that exposing secrets can be deadly.

Invisible Republic, Vol. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-63215-408-8) hits comic book stores on August 19th and bookstores on September 1st, and will be available for $9.99. It can be ordered by retailers from Diamond Book Distributors with Diamond Code JUN150545.