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Review: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol. 1 & 2

Titan---Doctor_Who_The_Tenth_Doctor_Vol_01_BookDoctor Who is and actually should be a staple of every good science fiction fan in the world as it definitely has given meaning to the word “genre,” as any devoted fan of the show will tell you, the stories they have told on the show, rival American sci-fi icon show, Outer Limits, in number of shows and incarnations. The television show, unlike others, has made recasting the titular character a part of its mythology, and with each new “Doctor”, a new attitude, new “companions” and new adventures. After Christopher Eccleston’s short run, no one knew how successful David Tennant’s Doctor would be, but he lasted from 2005-2010, reinvigorating the show into the public conscience. Within this series by Titan Comics, Tennant’s Doctor lives on, and from what I have read so far, it as if he never left.

In Volume 1, the Tenth Doctor, brings on a new companion, Gabriella, a Mexican American teenager from New York City. He is in New York City investigating strange occurrences, everything from a Goatman to strange boils on a baby, during the Mexican Halloween ritual, Day of the Dead. As with most of his companions, Gabriella, is a handful and definitely is curious about who the Doctor is and how is able to stop all the supernatural occurrences and beings she has encountered, and soon find out New York City is under attack by Cerebravores , creature who take on the consciousness of different human beings. Needless to say, as the Doctor always does, saves the day and defeats the Cerebravores.

previewcoverThe Doctor and Gabriella then visit a world where art has come to life, and must face a foe only known as the Binary Apprentices, who follow a deity known as Zhe. The Doctor, saves the day, awakening the deity, who just so happens to be an old friend of the Doctor. Nick Abadzis has written two story arcs, very much in the spirit of Stephen Moffat. The art by Elena Casagrande is very much in the vein of the series and I will be on the lookout for more of her work. Overall, great work by both, as they have immortalized the Tenth Doctor within these pages.

In Volume 2, Robbie Morrison, Daniel Indro, and Eleonara Carlini, take over creative duties on the ongoing series, but does not let the quality discontinue, just a different writing and art style. Within the first story arc, soldiers from the Allied side face off against Weeping Angels during World War I, even sending some soldiers to their death during a train derail in 1874. This causes the Doctor and Gabriela to do some time jumping. Morrison, gives you some back-story on each of the soldiers, the Doctor and Gabriella, meet while battle the Angels, whom Gabriella falls in love with one of them.

The arc, ends with a touching ending, and is probably the most war I have ever seen this Doctor face. The last story arc of the volume, finds Gabriella back home in New York City, where she faces a lukewarm response from her family. They face a noise attack from Shreekers, beings that look like Slimer from the Ghostbusters, who are hunting a bunch of Echoes, beings of living sound, throughout the city. The Doctor tilts the scales in the   Echoes favor, and ultimately wins the day.                                                                                                                                                                    

Morrison’s storytelling skills are on full display for both arcs, and he sews exactly why he was chosen to write for this series. Indro draws in a style emblematic of the era in which story takes place and gives a fine effort to take the story where it needed to go. Carlini, reminds me of the work Babs Tarr is doing, and is by far, one of the best artists working at Titan. Overall, a solid volume, and only improves upon what was started by Abadzis and Casagrande.

Volume 1

Story: Nick Abadzis Art: Elena Casagrande
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy


Volume 2

Story: Robbie Morrison Art: Daniel Indro and Eleonara Carlini
Story: 9 Art: 10 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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