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Review: Book Of Death: Legends Of The Geomancer #1 (of 4)

lotgOut of the pages of Book Of Death, which is also released this week, the genesis of the very first Geomancer and the sacred pact that swore them to the service of the Earth can finally be told…but, with it too, the source of the divine mysteries that have haunted their line for centuries. Has their mission redeemed or corrupted the world that followed in their wake…and will the ultimate secrets of the Geomancers’ book doom us all in the end?

If you don’t know, the Geomancers are a long line of men and women dating back millenia who serve as the Earth’s protector. There is only one Geomancer operating at a time, protected in turn by the Eternal Warrior. This miniseries takes us back to the very first Geomancer, and the first issue is absolutely beautiful.

Fred Van Lente gives us a good story that would be worth reading regardless of the artwork, and as with the Book Of Death miniseries that Book Of Death: Legends Of The Geomancer #1 accompanies you don’t need any prior knowledge of the Valiant Universe, and as with the companion series, this first issue that has the potential to build into a fantastic four issue story.

Where this issue really shines, however, is in the artwork.

Rarely do I ever recommend a comic based primarily on the art, but with Book Of Death: Legends Of The Geomancer #1I am doing just that. Juan Jose Ryp’s pencils and inks are outstanding, and his ability to convey a silent conversation with facial detail is exemplary. Combine this with Jordie Bellaire’s colours and you have a match made in  comic book heaven.

That the story is also very good is a happy bonus.

If you’re only slightly familiar with Valiant and their heroes, don’t be afraid to read this comic. You don’t need an encylopedic knowledge of the publisher to be able to enjoy this comic, in fact if you’ve never read any Valiant before, then make this your first comic. This miniseries looks like it will be an excellent story set in the stone age that can be read alone, or as a companion to Book Of Death.

The first issue of this monthly series is out on the 15th of July. If you get a chance to read Book Of Death: Legends Of The Geomancer #1, then take it. This is a beautiful comic that deserves your attention.

Story: Fred Van Lente Art: Juan Jose Ryp Colourist: Jordie Bellaire
Story: 7.25 Art: 9.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review