Bernie Sanders Supporters Descend on San Diego Comic-Con

SDCC15-Bernie-SandersEach year I head to numerous conventions all around the country and I wonder where are the political parties. With tens of thousands of individuals in one area, it’s a perfect opportunity to whip up support, get the word out, and sign up some voters. Well, it seems like at least one set of supporters of a candidate had the same idea and headed to San Diego Comic-Con to do just that.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders 2016 were on hand at the convention to show their support for the Presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination. The group brought along a cardboard cut-out of the candidate, and made a poster of Sanders made up to look like Doc Brown from Back to the Future (though they left it at home). Instead they created a poster with a Mad Max theme that pitted the candidate against the Koch brothers which you can see to the left.

The group handed out 1,500 Bernie stickers and posters as well as a flyer going over Sanders’ 12-point plan. The impact is unknown as most con-goers will grab just about anything handed to them (my luggage back from the convention is a perfect example of this).

While the impact of such activity is unknown, it’s good to see a candidate’s supporters getting out there and trying to raise awareness. Engaging the geek community instead of just using them to score pop culture hits is a nice change of pace. Hopefully others will get a clue and engage.

(via The Daily Beast and Roll Call)