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Review: Transference #1

TRANSFERENCE #1 1Colton Moss and his elite team of special agents run counter-terrorism operations utilizing a secret form of time travel technology called “transference,” which enables them to send their consciousnesses back in time – but, when Colton’s past is altered to reshape his life in the present, he discovers this technology isn’t as exclusive as he thought. Now Colton must prevent a large-scale insurgency in the U.S. – and do so in the transference-past, where a terrorist’s consciousness could be in any body, so everybody is a potential suspect.

Transference from writer Michael Moreci and artist Ron Salas is a comic that feels familiar, like we’ve seen it before. That’s rather appropriate considering the content and what the series is about. But, it’s the small details thrown in by Moreci and drawn by Salas that make all the difference. A wedding ring missing, a photo slightly different. This is a series that by the time you figure out what’s going on, you want to go back and find the small clues peppered throughout. That’s what makes it truly stand out. This is an action thriller that you need to pay close attention to what’s said, and what’s presented, making the art key to the story.

On top of that we have characters that we at the same time like and loathe. They’re the grizzled heroes that we can’t quite make out what to think, yet. That’s another addition, that we’ve seen elsewhere, but here it’s presented in a way that makes it feel fresh and new.

This series is going to be an underground hit, you heard it hear first. I expect sell-outs, so make sure you grab a copy while you can! Such a strong, and entertaining debut.

Story: Michael Moreci Art: Ron Salas
Story: 8.75 Art: 8 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Buy

Black Mask Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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