Review: Bloodstrike #1

bloodstrikeThough it defies conventional thinking, there are two Rob Liefelds.  One is a relatively talented comic book creator that can put a decent comic together, both in terms of story and art, and the other is the comic book version of Michael Bay, relying on violence and sex to sell stories.  In terms of what he can accomplish he tends to be all over the place, although he has perhaps been best known for his work on superheroes, some of whom he has supposedly “destroyed” and others for whom he provided a decent run on. Blood strike represented something different, as it was his own creation in its own universe, and thus was under his complete control.

It tells the story of a super assassin who has kind of run out luck.  In fact that is an understatement, as it gives the reader one of the strangest introduction to a character in comic history, as he is restrained, chained to a wall, after he has been cut in two.  It is a strange image, but effective in a sense because of its over-the-top nature.  In terms of being over-the-top though, the issue fails.  Doing over-the-top stuff in comics can be fun for a few panels but Liefeld seems to be going at this with the water hose method of restraint.  There are two separate panels here featuring penises (though somewhat in context) and thirteen decapitations.  It makes for both an exciting story from an action standpoint, though also gory, but it also causes that it is harder to take seriously as the actions that led up to the assassin being hanging from a wall are described.

Unfortunately for this first issue, the story and the art get the Rob Liefeld that causes people to roll their eyes, not the one that causes people to be impressed.  It is too bad, because from a contextual point the story is there, and so is the artistic design.  It just seems as though he did not know where to draw the line, and with less creative control as he has often had under the big two publishers, that he went too far with his own concept.  This therefore comes off as more Michael Bay-like than anything, and it is a failed attempt.  It could have been good, but too much of too much makes it fail.

Story and Art: Rob Liefeld
Story: 4.0 Art: 8.0  Overall: 4.0  Recommendation: Pass

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