Review: Invader Zim #1

INVADERZIM #1 COVER JHONEN INCENTIVE NEW LOGOI LOVED Invader Zim, when it used to be on air on Nickelodeon back in the day, I even made my daughters into converts, at the tender age of 7, as they could not get enough of his hi jinks in space either. For the un-initiated, the series centers on an extraterrestrial named Zim from the  imperialistic planet Irk, an extraterrestrial species whose social hierarchy is based on height, rather than any type of skill and his mission to conquer Earth and enslave the human race along with his malfunctioning robot servant GIR. He is antagonized by Dib, a young paranormal investigator (coincidentally his classmate) who is determined to stop Zim with the help of his sister, Gaz. It is actually crazier than it sounds.

So when I first heard the news that the show was being adapted by Oni Press, I was beyond excited, as every time our editor sent us press with previews, I was constantly asking him when it will be released. The comic, written by creator, Jhonen Vasquez and art by Aaron Alexkovich, is an eye opener. The comic starts with a character called the “Recap Kid”, who much like prologue, in the beginning of the Star Wars films, catches you up with what is going on, but I can definitely imagine him as an animated character. The story then deadpans over to Membrane residence, where Dib and Gaz live.

Zim eventually runs into Dib who he does not recognize as he soaking in his own filth and waits for a dramatic entrance, which is hilarious in and of itself. He also mistakes a shrub for Gaz, which is a perfect exposition of just how silly the show was. Zim then gets into his own mayhem, which you would think an alien would be zapping people’s homes or something like that; instead he switches people’s mail, kicks over trash cans, and reading the neighbor’s newspapers, LOL. In fact, the craziest thing he did do was launch a poodle into space.

The rest of the comic, unfolds like a typical Invader Zim episode, with all the zaniness that one comes to expect from the minds behind the cartoon. The story by Jhonen Vasquez, feels like he never stopped writing the show. The art by Aaron Alexkovich, feels right in place with the cartoon. This is the perfect introduction for anyone misses the days when Nickelodeon was more cutting edge and not trying to target a certain demographic.

Overall, where has this comic been all my life!!!!

Story: Jhonen Vasquez   Art: Aaron Alexkovich
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation:  Invader Zim Commands You Buy NOW!!!!

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review