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Graphic Policy Radio Discusses Activism in a Comic World

GP Radio pic MondayGraphic Policy Radio returns this Monday! This is the show that mixes comics and politics, and this episode we lift the curtain to show off the scenes behind political activism. The show airs LIVE this Monday at 10pm ET.

This past week controversy struck the comic industry (again) over the transphobic nature in part of the comic series Airboy. Graphic Policy, along with The Rainbow Hub, spearheaded the movement to decry the comic, and pull support of the comic by Image Comics, timed to coincide with Image Expo. You can read more about the issue here, and the action here.

But why did we go this route?

We talk about the issue, and dive into political activism including why this particular “ask” was made, and the timing of it all.

But, that’s not all!

We’re also going to talk about comics we recommend, that you should be checking out!

So, learn a bit about political activism and organizing as we apply it to the comic industry this Monday at 10pm ET.

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