Review: Midnighter #2

MIDN_Cv2_552d5bd6bc8337.48398703Marina Lucas woke up this morning as a suburban martial-arts instructor…but when God Garden tech unexpectedly falls into her lap, she’ll end the day as the deadliest woman on the planet! That’s bad news for her – and worse for the Midnighter!

The second issue Midnighter is interesting. The story by Steve Orlando is beyond solid. It veers away from the normal bad guys and super villains, instead focusing on Russian homophobes and evil corporations. It’s strong and awesome for doing that.

The story really focuses on this God Garden Tech and Marina, who is out for revenge against a corporation which leads to a showdown and some twists and turns I wasn’t expecting. Midnighter hates bad guys, no matter who they are, and an eventual meeting between Marina, Midnighter and the evil corporation spins things around quite nicely. Since corporations are people now, Midnighter can punch them I guess.

But what’s truly excellent is Steve Orlando’s balance of the ass-kicking and Midnighter’s personal life. We see a bit of what happened between him and Apollo, as well as another date that takes the hero to Russia, not exactly a tolerant place of homosexuals. The ensuing ass-kicking is highly cathartic, and fantastic to see. This isn’t a hero who is out looking for trouble in these situations, but he has no issues whipping on some folks to solve them. The continued focus on Midnighter’s personal life gives the series a boost and makes it stand out from the pack. As he’s proving, it’s not easy to balance the dual life.

What’s off this issue is the art, which at points doesn’t look the same as the first, even though both are the same creator, Arco. Character design is inconsistent, and I had to look multiple times to see if it was a different artist for the issue, or even just for certain pages. It’s really odd.

Overall, the story is solid, the art is a little blah (inconsistent is a good way to describe it). I’m much more story driven, so can overlook the art, but hopefully things balance out in that department. Orlando though absolutely has a hang of the series and characters and is taking him in an awesome balanced. direction.

Story: Steve Orlando Art by: Aco
Story: 9 Art: 6.75 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review