Review: Captain Canuck #2

Captain Canuck #2 CoverThe Oilsands are burning! Captain Canuck must fight his way through the inferno to find out what has turned the workers into zombified puppets, while getting the survivors out alive and uninfected. Across the country, Canuck’s brother, Michael Evans is tested on whether he can put loyalty, to his brother and to Equilibrium, before an opportunity for revenge.

You know that whole, comics should be fun thing? Captain Canuck is exactly that, superhero fun. There’s no over the top violence, or blood, or swearing, just good ole action and entertainment.

Writer Kalman Adrasofsky seems to be making it his mission to create a superhero comic that has a modern look, but classic vibe in the fact you don’t have to fear handing it to kids and also making it entertaining for adults too. There’s subtle jokes peppered throughout the issue to this affect, especially when it comes to the Captain’s exclamations at different points.

The issue is lots of action though picking up from the first issue which put us directly into Captain Canuck’s first mission, to rescue some folks from an inferno where there also happens to be zombies. At the same time, the build to the big bad named Mr. Gold is happening, and that involves the Captain’s brother Michael.

The art continues to be solid with Leonard Kirk helping out for some of it. Kirk also takes over next issue as the artist too, so we get a taste of what to expect.

The issue also contains the “classic” Captain Canuck back-up story, “Arctic Assault pt. 2” with Ed Brisson and writing duties and Marcus To on art. The back-up story is fantastic as expected from those two. I left wanting to see a spin-off series featuring the creators and this character. Again the story is a lot of action, and a bit of a lesson in the end. Perfect for a kid who wants to read a superhero comic that’s not dark and brooding.

Overall, the second issue like the first doesn’t disappoint at all. The series has a modern look and a classic heart. This is a superhero series that’s about being a hero, saving individuals, doing what’s right. The art and action doesn’t hurt too. A classic hero relaunched, and one that everyone should be checking out.

Story: Kalman Andrasofsky and Ed Brisson Art: Kalman Andrasofsky, Leonard Kirk, Marcus To
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Chapter House Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review