Review: Catwoman #41

Catwoman #41 CoverShe’s still Gotham’s queen of crime – but now, in order to work all the angles, Selina Kyle is back as Catwoman!

You ever come into a mob movie half way through the story? You can piece together what’s going on and who’s who, as well as the alliances, double crosses, and attempted hits that occurred before? That’s what it was like for me to come into Catwoman #41.

I read the first issue of the new direction, and found it solid, but like an idiot, I didn’t continue with it. Selina Kyle is the head of one of Gotham’s mob families, and things have been thrown into chaos. Add in the fact that Batman is missing, and presumed dead, and things are getting even more tense. Without having read those previous issues, I generally figured out what was going on, but the significance and finer details were missing. I recognized the comic’s excellence in both story and art, but it’s a tough one to completely recommend. It’s just not a good starting point for new readers, but not every comic needs to be.

Writer Genevieve Valentine weaves a mob tale that’s fit for the big screen. It’s exactly what I love about that genre. There’s betrayal, there’s gamesmanship, there’s backstabbing and double crosses, and there’s the long game. It’s a mob epic that just so happens to involve some of Batman’s rogue gallery. It’s great mob drama.

David Messina‘s art is fantastic capturing the tone and seriousness of it all. It feels like there’s a little Jae Lee influence, though it’s bit cleaner. It’s a style I’d expect to find in a Vertigo book actually. It complements the quality of the story with great use of wide shots and close up shots as well as the panels. It fits its subject well.

I’m recommending this as a buy, not particularly this issue, but since Valentine took over. This issue on its own isn’t a great starting point for new readers, though I’d imagine those already reading will be pleased. New readers might want to go back a bit. It seems like a series that’s both beautifully written and drawn. Sadly I haven’t kept up with the series, but not time like the present to go back and catch up.

Story: Genevieve Valentine Art: David Messina
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review