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Review: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

cmatcc001Captain Marvel isn’t one of Marvel’s biggest properties right now, but soon will be.  With a self titled movie coming out in 2018, the character seems ready to make it to the mainstream much as the Guardians of the Galaxy managed to do.  At the same time, while Carol Danvers has had success from time to time in her own series, she has never really managed to break through as one of Marvel’s A-list, and has instead stayed comfortably on the B-list, a likable character but few peoples’ favorites.  There has been something of a renaissance in female characters in the medium recently, even at the big two who are a bit slower to change, and thus maybe the time is right for the establishment of Carol as so much more than she has ever been.  Leading the way this time is an all-star mix of two budding superstars writers, Kelly Sue DeConnick (from Bitch Planet and the non-Secret Wars Captain Marvel series) and Kelly Thompson (from Jem and the Holograms.)

Being set in the Secret Wars Batteworld, this series faced against much of what has been a hindrance or a boon for the writers.  Some writers see this as a chance to re-establish the rules within the continuity of those specific characters while others seem more bound to the Secret Wars idea.  In the case of Carol she is thrown back to her early days of Captain Marvel (which was only a couple of years ago) as she is put into a WWII-like scenario as she leads her own squadron of female aviators.  They go through their aerial drills but below the surface some problems are brewing.  Some of the team members start to question if there is more to the Battleworld than what they are being told, with their daily routines seeming to blind them from another reality.

While this issue has its merits, it also falls victim to what is the problem with Captain Marvel and with Secret Wars.  On the one hand it doesn’t really try to accomplish anything that hasn’t been seen before, and on the other it seems to be too set in the Secret Wars scenario, as it depends on it for its story.  It is not completely devoid of its entertaining moments, only with the talented writing team and free rein to get inventive, it seems like they took the easy route.

Story: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson Art: David Lopez
Story: 7.6 Art: 7.6 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read

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