Review: Batman #41

batman041There is perhaps no other character that could best benefit from Convergence than Batman.  The two month long crossover event drove a wedge into the continuity of DC Comics as story arcs before the break tried to wrap before a short hiatus.  In this title Batman had been battling the Joker and with his apparent death, the Convergence break gives the illusion of some time passing before the return of the new Batman, under the guise of Jim Gordon.  It is not the first time that someone else has taken over the role of Batman, at least temporarily, but the tone is different here.  Jim Gordon is a trusted ally, but has never really worked in the same function, rather always acting as a balance against Batman’s darker inclinations.

This new Batman is one that is quite different from the previous.  As the issue is quite clear to highlight, Batman is needed by Gotham, and while a division of the police is being trained to take on the role of Batman in the case of his disappearance, none quite fir the bill.  None that is except for Jim Gordon.  The problem is that the character is old, his 46 years of age in this issue eliciting a reaction of surprise from his closest allies.  What is more interesting is the implementation of this new Batman, as Jim Gordon is thrown into his first mission while also trying to figure out the use of the armored suit which he now uses to do the vacated job.  he faces off against a technological threat, but ends up using some basic police work to prove why he is a better choice than others.

It is sometimes said of Batman that the man makes the suit, but here it is reversed as the suit makes the man.  While this is a potentially interesting direction to take for this title, it is also kind of confusing.  Part of the appeal of Batman is that he can accomplish wonders that even superpowered people cannot, and he does it with his willpower and his wits.  With the replacement of Bruce Wayne in the role with this Iron Man/Batman hybrid, it doesn’t have the same feel as what makes the character so approachable to so many.  The infallible character is now one that takes necessary technological shortcuts, and this issue kind of comes off having the same overall effect.  It is ok, but not memorable, and seems like it will be another passing fad to file away under the file of “Other People that Have Been Batman for a Few Issues.”

Story: Scott Snyder Art: Greg Capulo
Story: 7.0  Art: 7.5  Overall: 7.0  Recommendation: Pass