Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles – “Twisted”

The first episode of Machinima and DC ComicsJustice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles has been released. This isn’t the happy go-lucky DC Universe you’ve known. It’s a rather dark take on classic characters reminiscent of an Elseworlds tale.

This episode is set in an alternate universe where Batman is actually Kirk Langstrom, the dark knight pursues a new, more unhinged Harley Quinn.

The series is produced by Bruce Timm.

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  • I was very pleased and intrigued by the first episode. It’s always great to see old characters seen through a new lens. Bruce Timm has done incredible feats with the DC animated franchise since 1992. Thanks to him Batman Beyond has been one of my all time favorite interpretations. I am very eager to see what comes of a Wonder Woman hailing from Apokolips though. Bring it on!! Bat_Langstrom has lots of potential too. Can’t wait for the movie this summer and the full season next year.

    • This has a very old school feel of Elseworlds. Take that and mix it with Timm’s watchful eye, it’s gonna be solid. Yeah, the first one was much better than I was expecting, and I already had high expectations. DC definitely kicks ass when it comes to their animated releases.