Review: Lobo #7

Lobo #7 CoverCosmic speakeasies, intergalactic drug dens and even exotic alien women can’t distract can’t distract Lobo from his first love: hunting men for money! Once you’re on Lobo’s hit list, there are only two possible outcomes: your death or his.

I remember the fun that was DC Comics’ various Lobo mini-series. The art, and stories were over the top, they were just stupid fun. Flash forward to now, and we have a new Lobo, slimmer, more Gosling-esque, replacing the slobbering prior version. DC finally has their Wolverine (especially funny since Marvel doesn’t). He’s the best at what he does….

I read the first issue of the series, and thought it was ok. Not good, not bad, just a different version of Lobo. This issue references a lot of whats happened before, and has Lobo switching employers and killing lots of folks.

It feels a bit muddled, not a great starting point for a new reader. It clearly attempts to transition from whats happened in the previous six issues to what’s coming, so for folks who have been reading the series, maybe they’d dig it more than me. It does get me to want to see the next issue and where the series goes, because right now it has a Wolverine-redux vibe about it, and I know writer Cullen Bunn can kick-ass, so I do want to see where he goes from here, for at least a little bit.

Artist Cliff Richards brings the action with some very cool scenes of blood splattering carnage.

While there’s nothing necessarily bad about the issue, the concept and series feels like a throwback to a bygone era. DC’s moving forward, but this issue feels like a foot in the past.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Cliff Richards
Story: 6 Art: 7.25 Recommendation: Pass

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

One comment

  • Your wasting your money. This comic is failing and is sinking faster then the titanic. Here is a list of all the sales so far

    Lobo issue 1
    Rank 66
    Sales 39,407
    Lobo issue 2
    Rank 93
    Sales 25,881
    Lobo issue 3
    Rank 129
    Lobo issue 4
    Rank: 126
    Lobo issue 5
    Rank 147
    Sales 14,770
    Lobo issue 6
    Rank: 157
    Sales: 13,715

    As you can see this comic is not going last its already on the canceling the block. If a comic makes under 21,000 it get cancelled. Plus its passed the 5th issues so it its highly unlikely to pick up any new readers.