Review: Captain Canuck #1

Captain.Canuck 1 coverBorn of the True North and tested in war, Captain Canuck is a soldier granted a choice of how to use incredible power that could alter the fate of the world. Thrust into battle at the head of the global crisis intervention agency called Equilibrium, Canuck must find his way as warrior, leader and ultimately, hero in order to save humanity.

I grew up in Buffalo, not far from the Canadian border, and thus spent a lot of time in the country, and interestingly also reading some Captain Canuck. The classic character is back, with a new series, and updated look. I have to say, the first issue is awesome.

Captain Canuck #1 is full of action, infused with enough that makes it “feel” Canadian. That means more than just references to locations, there’s use of French, and a general vibe that just feels like our friends up North. It’s those small touches that writer Kalman Andrasofsky (who also does double duty on art) adds that makes the comic feel more than an American super hero with a Canadian skin over top.

Since I first heard this series was coming, and especially after reading the Free Comic Book Day release, I’ve been looking forward to this debut issue, and it didn’t disappoint at all.

You’re thrown directly into the action as Captain Canuck learns about his new suit on what seems like his first mission out. You’re in the center of action, and it doesn’t let up at all. You learn as you go through the comic, things aren’t explained overtly, you need to pick up things as the story progresses, which makes this issue feel much further along than a debut.

The action too is solid, and fun, having a bit more down to Earth vibe than going out and battling some super villain. Instead Captain Canuck is thrown into a burning refinery. I know that might sound boring, but it isn’t there’s some surprises he has to deal with while there. Forgoing some stereotypical villain fight for the first issue also makes the comic a bit more grounded. In reality, what Captain Canuck goes through would be much more realistic if heroes existed.

The art is fantastic the updated look of the new character is awesome, a design worthy of the Big 2. The design is cool, makes sense in many ways, and use of color is just fantastic. The interiors are solid with great coloring, and angles of some of the poses. What really stood out to me was the use of panels, especially in some of the two page spreads.

As if the main story wasn’t enough, writer Ed Brisson and artist Marcus To team-up bring us a story of an earlier Captain Canuck case file involving some mysterious monsters and a drilling platform. This story too is fantastic, and To’s art is amazing. The two are top talents so it shouldn’t be a surprise at all. The back-up story actually makes me want a “sister series” following earlier adventures of Captain Canuck with these two at the helm.

It’s a first issue and you get two stories from three top-notch creators. I’ve waited for this first issue, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was a fun first issue, with a mix of classic and modern sensibilities about it. It also presents a super hero that can stand with the Big 2, and that’s not easy to do. Can’t wait for the second issue to hit.

Story: Kalman Andrasofsky, Ed Brisson Art: Kalman Andrasofsky, Marcus To
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

ChapterHouse Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review