Review: Ragnarok #5

ragna5The fact that the upcoming Thor movie has the subtitle Ragnarok only makes the central gimmick of IDW’s Ragnarok, a comic written and drawn by beloved Thor writer/artist Walter Simonson about Thor himself, even more fun. Simonson’s knack for epic storytelling and kinetic, killer art work has worked out well for this series thus far. The latest issue is a good time, despite being one of the weakest entries so far. The world-building and characterization is still big and neat, but there is a lack of the action that made past issues especially shine.

In this issue, the God of Thunder sets off on his journey to find the Well of Wisdom in order to learn up on things after his leave of absence. Along the way, he has some interaction with some other unimportant characters that shows off this book’s flair for comedy and charm in the writing. The protagonist is powerful and seemingly unstoppable, which is played up for laughs at the expense of surrounding characters. This book is certainly a bit of a power fantasy.

That isn’t to say that there won’t be challenges for Thor, evident in the building up of a nefarious, imposing foe. It’s here that the art is at its best, with the hulking, fiery baddy atop his throne. The intense coloring gives off a bit of a glowing effect, and the page-long scene as a whole looks straight out of Hell.

Once Thor reaches the well, there is some solid, creepy interaction with a bit of a strange character. This scene sets up a generational connection between Thor and his father that adds legacy to this epic. Ending this issue is the obligatory vague preview for what’s to come in the form of a sort of prophecy. All of this manages to make everything generally grander, which is important for a high fantasy book like this.

This is a good issue that adds more meat to the tale Simonson is telling with some fun dialogue. It just isn’t as exciting as past issues without dedicated action.

Story and Art: Walter Simonson
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

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