Review: Convergence Action Comics #2

cac002If there is one single issue which can be said to encapsulate the problems which have befallen Convergence then this issue could rightfully be said to be it.  Convergence has had many problems, but perhaps key among them have been the ripping off of previous standalone and standout Elseworlds titles as well as not taking the time nor the effort to ensure that these characters are treated correctly.  Though this issue is best read in sequence by following into an issue which came out two weeks ago (another strange out of continuity reading experience) it is also made worse by the reading of Convergence #8 in this same week.

As introduced in the last issue, a team of heroes, something like the pre-Crisis version of Superman and Power Girl are forced to fight against the Red Son version of Superman and Wonder Woman.  This has been a problem elsewhere during Convergence as characters which exist in other universes as analogies or allegories to what they mean as heroes, are thereafter reduced to alternate versions of themselves in slugfests in Convergence.  This issue has the same overall problem as the two heroes venture to the Elseworld where Superman is an agent of the Soviet Union, and where we learn that it is not wise to listen to either Lex Luthor or Joseph Stalin (which has to be one of the strangest lessons ever.)

In the end there are a host of problems with the entire series, and this part of Convergence is worse off for having been associated with it.   In a certain context it is interest to see all of these characters together, but especially when read with other Convergence titles and also when considering the plan for the future releases of DC Comics this summer, then we learn that this short two month interlude has really mostly meant nothing.  It never excelled and only acted as a distraction from the regular titles from DC.  This issue captures that, and it is too bad that it couldn’t have captured something better.

Story: Justin Gray Art: Claude St. Aubin
Story: 5.8 Art: 5.8 Overall: 5.8 Recommendation: Pass