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TV Review: iZombie S1E10 Mr. Berserk

normal_izombietv_s01promo_001-1~0A journalist working on a story linking psychotic episodes with an energy drink is murdered.

iZombie again brings us an entertaining episode, this one diving more into the bigger story and mythos, getting away from the murder of the week. Things all tie together in this episode as the first season gets closer to wrapping up. There’s a lot of plot points going on, so lets take it bit by bit.

Major is dealing with all that’s going on around him, and thinks he’s going a bit crazy concerning what he’s seen. There’s the issue that his two friends Ravi and Liv know he’s not crazy, but can’t tell him the truth as to what’s happening.

There are hints as to the cause of the zombie outbreak as the episode focuses on an energy drink that makes you go crazy. We shall see if this comes up again.

Finally, Liv is dealing with the death from last episode. She’s not taking it well, so it’s lucky that the latest case she has to deal with involves someone who was an alcoholic, so she can drink her pain away. As usual, actress Rose McIver is fantastic in her role, playing off the drunkenness nicely and at the same time giving us the brokenness and loss she’s experienced. There’s also the realization between Liv and Ravi that something is up and a greater conspiracy exists, but why?

It’s interesting that at 3/4 of the first season done we get a shift in focus as to the greater story, but it also comes at a good time as the formula was a bit repetitive with the episodes. Overall though, the series continues to be entertaining, and how the first season wraps up should be fun and exciting. Another solid episode, of a consistently solid series.

Overall Rating: 8.25