TV Review: iZombie S1E9 Patriot Brains

normal_izombietv_s01promo_001-1~0Liv and Clive investigate the death of a former sniper; Major gets closer to the truth.

iZombie is interesting with this episode in that it deals with a lot of issues, and some better than others. The episode has Liv discovering where Blaine is getting his brains from, which leads to a lot of existential issues for Lowell.

That part of the show is really solid. Where things slip a little, is that Liv winds up eating the brain of a former sniper and there’s talk of PTSD. That topic is just touched upon, but isn’t gone in-depth too much. It’s kind of bummer, because it could have been really fantastic to see that aspect bleed over to Liv and her dealing with it herself, especially concerning her situation. There was a fantastic opportunity to explore an important topic, but it just didn’t happen.

The big part of the episode was really moving along the plot of Blaine, and the missing kids. Major does a lot of snooping which leads him to a crazy confrontation. Liv and Lowell also come to a conclusion of how they need to deal with Blaine. We also learn a bit more about the zombie virus.

This episode really deals more with the meta aspect of the story, and where things go from here should be really interesting, especially due to that ending. Didn’t see that one coming at all.

Overall Rating: 8