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TV Review: iZombie S1E8 Dead Air

normal_izombietv_s01promo_001-1~0Liv gains insight after eating the brains of a talk show host who specialized in relationships.

iZombie is all about relationships in this episode, which forces Liv to reexamine hers with friends, as well as her potential love interest.

It’s an interesting way to look at a character’s personal life without just completely devoting the episode and story to that. I like the concept a lot, and it works really well here.

The likely suspects as usual are pretty straightforward, but the “who done it” isn’t really the draw of the series, it’s Rose McIver as Liz and her dealing with being a zombie. As usual she’s beyond charming in the role.

The most interesting aspect is the recently introduced conspiracy running through the police department. The fact there’s a cover-up going on is very interesting and adds a deeper, more sinister, aspect to it all.

iZombie continues to be a fun series, standing out from the numerous series on tv based on comics.

Overall Rating: 8

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