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Exclusive! New Episodes of Legend of the Mantamaji: Behind the Scenes on Graphic Policy

CEfbo_1UgAANsx2What does it take to bring a graphic novel from the colored page to the small screen? Legend of the Mantamaji creator, TV director Eric Dean Seaton (NBC, TBS, Disney, Nickelodeon etc.) decided to answer that question and create another way to promote the sword and sorcery series by producing a live action short based on the first book in the Legend of the Mantamaji series.

Legend of the Mantamaji tells the story of Elijah Alexander, a cocky, media-hungry, thoughtless Assistant D.A., who learns his childhood bedtime legends are actually the true stories of his heritage. Elijah is the last of a race of noble, mystical knights known as the Mantamaji. He is now a hunted man charged with ridding the world of an ancient evil no other Mantamaji has ever been able to defeat.

Legend of the Mantamaji Storyboards“The digital short and web series something fun for fans of the series, and comics fans in general,” Seaton said. “It helps new readers understand what the series is all about and I get to combine two things I love – comics and directing.”

In addition to creating the Live Action, Seaton also shot behind the scenes footage he’s releasing weekly as a weekly web series Legend of the Mantamaji: Behind the Scenes on YouTube.

The web series follows Seaton’s production team over three days as he films the short showing the actors (including stuntmen from Captain America: Winter Soldier and Batman v Superman) coordinating stunts, creating special effects and all the behind the scenes stuff people like to watch. Graphic Policy has the exclusive on this week’s episodes that focuses on image scanning with Gentle Giant Studios and the movie magic behind kicking in a door.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Legend of the Mantamaji Book One Page 6“An independent publisher with a new superhero is a definite underdog,” Seaton said. “You have to get past people’s bias about indie comics, while coming up with new ways to get people interested. It’s a challenge, but worth it, this is really a dream come true.”

Learn more about Legend of the Mantamaji and pick up the books on Amazon, comiXology, in Barnes and Nobles and comic book shops across the country or on the Legend of the Mantamaji website.

You can follow Eric Dean Seaton on Twitter, and Legend of the Mantamaji on Twitter and Facebook.