Pitch Perfect 2 Opens on Top, Mad Max in Second, Age of Ultron Drops to Third

pitch-perfect-2-pp2_rgbA big question going in to this past weekend was what film would be on top when it was all up. Pitch Perfect 2 was on top when the weekend settled, earning an estimated $70.3 million in its first weekend. The original film earned $14.8 million its first weekend and ended with $65 million domestically. Internationally the film earned $38.1 million for a total of $108.4 million its first week. That’s almost as much the first film earned its entire run.

Mad Max: Fury Road had to settle for second place with a solid $44.44 million. The film was rumored to be troubled, and early testing was poor which led to reshoots. The film is being praised, so whatever they did in between clearly worked to fix things.

With two high-profile films opening up, Avengers: Age of Ultron dropped to third in its third week. The film added $38.84 million to its domestic total. The film crossed the billion dollar mark worldwide. Its foreign total is $770.5 million. The film has earned a total of $1.143 billion so far.

In other comic movie news Kingsman: The Secret Service continues to earn at the box office. The film added another $191,000 domestically. The film has earned a total of $402.9 million globally.

So far Furious 7 holds the top spot globally earning $1.4888 billion. Age of Ultron sits at the top spot domestically.

Next weekend sees Tomorrowland and Poltergeist debut during the long holiday. Pitch Perfect 2 currently has a 69% rating on RottenTomatoes, Mad Max: Fury Road is an impressive 98%, and Age of Ultron is at 74%. It’ll be interesting to see what holds steady and what drops when the dust settles this time next week.

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