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Review: Ms. Marvel #15

msm015In its relatively short run, Ms. Marvel has stood out for its modern take on a superheroine.  Kamala Khan is an immigrant and a teenage girl, forced to deal not only with a strict Muslim family but also with her new powers.  The series has been noted for its take on these subjects, demonstrating Kamala as a complex and competent individual who is often forced to deal with problems beyond her own control, be that a supervillain or domineering parents.

This made the most recent story arc for this series all the worse in its base concept.  In this story arc Kamala meets a young Pakistani teenager, who  is her age and who seems to be interested in her romantically.  Furthermore, he also soon reveals himself as an Inhuman, shortly after outing her.  This kind of plot is the creative version of the lowest hanging fruit for a series about teenage superheroines, and probably every character in this age range in the history of comics has been led astray by her feelings for a boy or girl at some point or another.  This issue deals with the fallout of that, as the boy has led her to New Attilan in the middle of a (short-lived) coup by Lineage, having used her attraction to him as part of the plot to recruit her to the side of the villains.  Kamala resists and is forced to escape through the confusing halls of the abandoned palace.

It is not necessarily that this is a bad issue, in fact there are a lot of redeeming factors in the end.  Probably the most evident is that it mostly avoids the cliched plot for a lot of action and ends up being an entertaining way to save a disappointing story arc.  It is also evidence of thee high standard which this series has set for itself, as the slightest return to cliched storytelling results in a story which is evidently lesser than what has come before.  There were a few revelations in this issue to suggest that there are better things to come in this series, but for the time being this story arc was a bit of fluff in the mix of what has been a fresh take on the superhero genre.

Story: G. Willow Wilson  Art: Takeshi Miyazawa 
Story: 8.3 Art: 8.3  Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Read