New Worlds Comics Wynter Gets Optioned for Television

Comics are clearly the hot property in Hollywood right now as series are being optioned left and right by production companies. Publisher New Worlds Comics announced their series Wynter is the latest comic series to be optioned.

An an email to their list, Guy Hasson wrote:

I’ve got an amazing piece of news, and I’ll get right to it: New Worlds Comics just signed an option deal with a Hollywood production company regarding Wynter!


Now, I chose to use the weekly newsletter not to talk about this past week, but to let the fans know days before everyone else, before I release this news officially at the website!

What does this mean? It doesn’t mean that Wynter will be on TV any time soon, and there’s no guarantee it will ever be there.

What it means is that there is a production company that now has the right to go to the various networks and try to sell them the idea of Wynter as a TV series.

This is a long, harsh process, and the chances of success aren’t that good.

Next: Suppose a network likes Wynter and chooses to go ahead with it. In that case, it says: “Here’s money, shoot a pilot!” The chances of a pilot being picked up after it was ordered? Very small! In Hollywood, they order many more pilots than they actually need.

Now suppose the pilot is picked up and set to go to series. Then the chances of the series lasting more than a few episodes or past the first season are again very small.

So: It’s a long, hard road. But it’s the first step in something amazing that could happen. And I am very happy that others see the potential in Wynter as a great sci-fi epic that I see and that perhaps you see!

I promise to update you if anything big happens! (And I like the fact that I updated you first!)

Congrats to them and good luck in the process!

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