TV Review: Arrow S3E23 My Name Is Oliver Queen

arrowRa’s al Ghul sets his plan in motion, putting everyone in danger; Oliver must decide if he is strong enough to handle his new role – and what it will mean for his team and his soul.

Arrow‘s third season wraps up with team Arrow taking on Ra’s and his troops as Ra’s attempts to destroy the city. It’s an all out race as the team brings out all of the tricks to save the day.

The action is decent, well paced, and most importantly entertaining, and there’s actually cool twists to it all as well! The episode wraps up in a very interesting way, that leaves things open for the next season. What’s really great is we’ve seen how far Oliver will go to save the city and complete his goals. And deals with the devil were made.

Much like real life with wars and battles, the results only lead to worse things, and this finale seems to set all of that up. Will there be an Arrow though? The season has a bit uneven but the ending was exciting and most importantly fun.

On to season four!

Overall rating: 8

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