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Review: The Riddler and The Joker 1966 TV Series Busts from Diamond Select Toys

JokerI recently had the pleasure of reviewing some amazing products from Diamond Select Toys. The ones that I reviewed were the Riddler and Joker busts in the Batman ’66 line, featuring spot-on resemblances of Frank Gorshin and Cesar Romero respectively. Both busts measure 6” tall and they are designed by Barry Bradfield and sculpted by Jean St. Jean.

The next releases in these lines will be Penguin and Catwoman, and from the images that I have seen of the upcoming busts, they look absolutely stellar! But it is very difficult to really get a good idea of how a busts will really look until you get to investigate them very closely.

The bases of the Riddler bust and Joker busts are the same, with black buildings and a dark blue sky illuminated by the beaming Bat-Signal. On the bottom of each bust, it is written that these figures are 1 of 3,000 created in total. And in the Riddler 2boxes that contain these busts, you also get certificates of authenticity, verifying the collectable nature of these beautifully sculpted products.

In conclusion, both busts are cut and painted to perfection of how Frank Gorshin and Cesar Romero originally looked on the Batman ’66 TV show. I can’t possibly imagine a better line of busts being created for the Batman ’66 while the show is currently in the midst of such a resurgence in popularity.

Overall rating: 10

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