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Magnetic Press’ The Adventures of Basil and Moebius in Four Ways

The Adventures of Basil and MoebiusMagnetic Press and Red Circle Productions have announced that writer/director Ryan Schifrin’s original property The Adventures of Basil and Moebius has launched simultaneously in four different formats: as an award winning short film, a series of hardcover graphic novels, digital comics via ComiXology, and a campaign of serialized short stories to be published by Magnetic Press. The series chronicles the pulp-style adventures of Basil Fox and Alaric Moebius, two scoundrel thieves who find themselves caught up in the machinations of “The Collector,” a mysterious patron who recruits them (not often willingly) to find rare and rumored artifacts that may or may not have fabled supernatural powers.

The short film, entitled No Rest For The Wicked, has won numerous awards including Best Short Film at multiple fan-favorite pop culture events including Cinequest, Gen Con, and DragonCon. Written and directed by Schifrin, the all-star cast includes sci-fi icons Ray Park, Zachary Levi, and Malcolm McDowell. Although originally limited to festival circuit viewing, the full movie can now be viewed by the public for free.

Volume One of the hardcover graphic novel series, entitled simply The Adventures of Basil and Moebius is co-written by Ryan Schifrin and comic book legend Larry Hama, containing three early tales of titular characters Basil and Moebius, setting the stage for volumes Two through Four which will be released quarterly. The next volume, The Shadow Gambit will be released in July in time for the annual San Diego Comic-Con International.

In addition to the print and film components, the series offers digital components and supplementary adventure as well. The first issue of the comic series is now available on Amazon’s comiXology platform, with new issues releasing every 3-4 weeks. Amazon will also host monthly prose short stories via their Kindle service, written by some of sci-fi’s most recognized and respected award-winning authors, including Timothy Zahn, Richard Lee Byers, and Greg Bear. Zahn also provides the foreword in the first graphic novel volume.