Review: The Little Mermaid #2

gftlittlemermaid002The first issue of the Little Mermaid introduced an interesting element, that of mixing a bit of science fiction into that of mermaids.  As supernatural creatures, mermaids tend to get lumped together more with magic than they do with science, and so using the science experiments on the main character as a plot device was an interesting direction to take such a story.  An interesting concept by itself can’t determine the quality of a story, as it has to be well executed, but while this concept is still here in this issue, it focuses on a different concept altogether.

One of the hallmarks of Grimm Fairy Tales is to gender swap main characters from famous stories from male to female and to thus give the characters a different voice and perspective.  They have done it with the Jungle Book with Mowgli and they have done it with the legend of Robin Hood.  The concept behind this story is the reverse of this usual trend.  Instead of a gender switch from male to female, it is the opposite, as Erica’s father, a merman prince, yearns to be reunited with the human girl that he saved and for any price.  This is of course, with a few changes, the classic tale of the Little Mermaid, only played out here by the Little Mermaid’s father.  Meanwhile the plot still focuses on what is happening with Erica and those that keep her captive.

While the quality of storytelling is still strong enough here, it doesn’t really capitalize on the concept that was introduced in the first issue.  Instead it goes after the lowest hanging fruit of any mermaid story, which is to associate immediately with Atlantis.  While this is handled in an interesting way, it is a little bit of a letdown compared to the first issue.  The story is still heading in an interesting direction, it is only for the creative team to capitalize on the potential that they have already created for themselves.

Story: Meredith Finch  Art: Miguel Medonca
Story:  7.7 Art: 7.7  Overall: 7.7  Recommendation: Read