Review: Robyn Hood #8

robynhood008Of all of the Zenescope characters, Robyn Hood is perhaps the one which is the most approachable.  Although she is heavily based in the overly confusing Grimm Fairy Tales universe, she is still based on a widely known legend and is being introduced at a time when bow wielding heroes are at an all time high for popularity (for both Green Arrow and Hawkeye.)  Making Robyn a female fits with the company policy of taking any character and giving them more sex appeal (often including swapping the gender to female) but aside from that, the character is still more realistic than many superheroes.  Her background is more complex, and she bears the scars of that on her face.  Her costume is also much more conservative than the attire of most superheroines.

The series gets a little bit off the tracks when it actually gets put into practice.  Part of the appeal of the character is that she is a bit more edgy than the typical heroes.  She doesn’t mind resorting to violence, but she is still fighting for the good guys.  So too is her best friend a complex character, as instead of making Marian into something else, they decided to make her into a relatively dour lesbian sorceress.  This issue explores some of these aspects of the characters as Robyn faces down with the demon called forward by the cult, and as Marian deals with her evil mentor while trying to enjoy her first date with a new girlfriend.

There are some good moments in this issue, but in the end it doesn’t really have what it takes.  Robyn’s ability to overcome the demon cult is fun, and so too are parts of Marian’s battle, but the problem here is mainly one of storytelling.  The story bounces back and forth without much reason and it leaves the reading somewhat choppy.  This issue would have been better off choosing one focus and not two, and letting the story be told in a more logical manner.  Frustratingly, this issue shows that the series has what it takes, only that the storytelling let it down here, mixing with the narrative in a way that didn’t do justice to what lay within.

Story: Pat Shand  Art: Roberta Ingranata
Story: 6.8  Art: 6.8 Overall: 6.8 Recommendation: Pass