Dover to publish The Magician’s Wife by Jerome Charyn & Francois Boucq

TheMagiciansWifeDover Publications has announced their upcoming publication of The Magician’s Wife graphic novel.  Long out of print in English, legendary French comics artist Francois Boucq teams with acclaimed, surrealistic crime novelist Jerome Charyn.

The story is about “the adventures, or the anti-adventures, of the wife of a magician. The problem is that the magician has two wives – and that they are mother and daughter – who find themselves in an uninvited competition for the affections of the troubled conjurer. And, as the magician becomes increasingly attracted to the younger woman, she, in revenge for his lubricity, turns into a werewolf in Central Park threatening his life and that of several others involved in his lubricity. What evolves is not a Captain’s Paradise but a macabre battle of the sexes cum detective story with mystical overtones.”

Out of print in English for nearly three decades, the original 80-page story won two prizes (Grand Prix) in France where it was first published as a Bande Dessinée in 1986 and now appears here from Dover in a handsome trade paperback format.  It has been compared to a kind of film noir caught between the covers of a comic book, directed by Fellini.

Over the years, the book has won a powerful cult following, and has appeared on several critics lists of top graphic novels of all time.

The Magician’s Wife is scheduled for release in October 2015.