Death by Batman Uppercut

death_by_batmanAn obituary in the The Ledger in the Tampa Bay area had an interesting obituary recently. Stephan Merrill was listed as passing away due to an “uppercut from Batman” on February 12.

That’s not a typo according to his fiancée Stephanie Vella who said the deceased would have been “honored” to have died that way.

Merrill’s death was sudden, and there was no initial cause of death. When it came time to write the obituary, the family still didn’t know the cause. The newspaper’s policy is that a cause of death must be listed. A joke was made which got the family to laugh, and they decided to go with that reason.

At first the newspaper didn’t want to publish it, but after an explanation from the family, the newspaper allowed it.

Merrill was a comic book fan, so to honor him, his friends and family wore superhero shirts, and the celebration included Captain America’s shield made from flowers, and a quote from The Avengers.

(via ABC Action News)