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TV Review: Constantine S1E11 A Whole World Out There

CONSTANTINE-First-Official-Image1John is sent to help an old friend at Ivy University, where students have figured out how to get to an alternate dimension – only to be met by a killer.

Its been eleven episodes, but with this one Constantine shows off what it could be. I had some expectations for the series, that we might get a horror infused X-Files, and it never quite reached that potential. Well, the series finally got there with a story involving a killer in an alternate dimension. It’s the X-Files meets A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Constantine heads back to catch up with his friend Richie, a character we were introduced to in the first episode, then quickly went away. A character with a hell of a lot of potential, and never was really used well.

The bad of the episode is that actor Jeremy Davies as Richie has some issues with his accent, jumping around a bit, but finally settling on something. That’s the worst part of the episode.

What’s great is there’s actual horror! Folks die. There’s blood. I was creeped out at parts! It took so long, but this is exactly what the series should have been doing. I want to be scared. I want some gore. Up until this point the series has really felt limited by what you could put on NBC. Here, its shown that you can do some great scares without tons of gore. Bravo!

There’s just two episodes left in the season, and it’s this point the pull potential is shown off. Here’s hoping the final episodes are just as solid, because this was absolutely my favorite episode of the year.

Overall rating: 8.75


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