The Unreleased Justice League Brawler Game

Footage from the unreleased Xbox 360 video game Green Lantern: A Justice League Game by Double Helix has hit the web. The game was sandwiched between two other brawler games featuring DC Comic characters, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe and Injustice: Gods Among Us, which might be why it never saw release.

Check out below for what could have been!


  • I’ll be honest here, the whole 3D plane thing just wouldn’t have worked. Even with the DC Franchise, being the right franchise, it would just be a brawler where you can easily miss. I’m happy that they went with the Mortal Kombat vs DCU even if everyone hates that game :-)

    • What do you think of Injustice?

      • Well its a fighting game. I prefer other fighting games, but its still a great fighting game. They make dang good use of the DCU liscense and I was kind of expecting such a thing to happen once Time Warner bought Netherealm or something like that. I’d much rather see Netherealm doing a fighting game…. any fighting game. If not them, then there’s Capcom, but they’re tied up with Marvel. I’d just dread a 3D brawler of a fighting game.