More Marvel and DC LEGO News and Pics!

2015 looks to be another amazing year for fans of Marvel and DC Comics LEGO sets. We’ve got the already released sets based on DC Comics that gave us Darkseid, Sinestro, Hawkman, and more, but there’s even more hitting shelves or will be hitting shelves.

A new polybag, set #30303 features the Joker Bumper Car. It should be found at Toys R Us and sells for $3.99.

30303-joker-bumper-car-dc-comics-600x431Not to be outdone, the Winter Soldier will be getting a polybag as well. Details for the date of release aren’t out yet.

winter-soldier-polybag-600x395If you’re like me, and want to collect all the minifigs you can, you bought the Target exclusive box that contained Superboy among other figs. It looks like Garth Ranzz, aka Lightning Lad, will be getting the same treatment. It’s unknown when this will be hitting shelves or where.

Lightning Lad LegoNews coming out of Toy Fair gives us some news as to new sets from this summer for both Marvel and DC:

  • 76036 Sky Attack SHIELD’s CarnageMinifigs include Carnage, Miles Morales, the successor of Peter Parker in the costume of Spider-Man and a SHIELD agent. The three minifigs are accompanied by a mini jet. UK RRP: £ 11.99 (about € 15).
  • 76037 Rhino & Team Supervillain SandmanComes with the following minifigs: Spider-Man, Iron Spider, Sandman and Rhino. The minifig Rhino is partly a version of Rhino based on bricks. The scene takes place on a construction site. UK RRP: £ 44.99 (about € 58).
  • 76039 Marvel’s Ant-ManNo info. The set is not presented on the show. Possible presence but not confirmed Ant-Man version minifig AND microfig in the box. UK RRP: £ 19.99 (about € 26).
  • 76034 The Batboat Harbour PursuitComes with the following minifigs. Batman, Robin (New design) and Deathstroke. The Batboat has two cockpits and Deathstroke is riding a jetski that drags the safe he just stole. UK RRP: £ 29.99 (about € 39).
  • 76035 JokerlandAn improved version of the set  6857 The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape. Comes with minifigs Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, The Joker and Batman. The set comes with rides tailored to each villain, a Batmobile in style from that of the 1989 Batman is included. UK RRP: £ 89.99 (about € 117).

Better pictures have been released of the upcoming LEGO Avengers: Age of Ultron sets. Check them out below!

76029-600-600x263 76029-box-600-600x529 76030-600-600x347 76030-box-600-600x499 76031-600x431 76031-box-600x729 76032-600-600x292 76032-box-600-600x429 76038-600-600x689 76038-box-600-600x600

So, out of all of the above, what are you most excited about?

(via BrickHeroes)