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TV Review: Constantine S1E10 Quid Pro Quo

CONSTANTINE-First-Official-Image1When thousands of people in Brooklyn – including Chas’ daughter – slip into comas, John must locate and defeat the evil forces responsible.

Constantine is an interesting show. It’s rather hit and miss for me, with glimpses of what it can be, and then as soon as that excellence begins, the show veers into rather forgettable safe horror. It did that numerous times in the episode while ignoring its greatest strength, the characters and their relationships.

We see that here tonight as there’s lots of talks with souls, and some demons, as Constantine battles Felix Faust. But really, the show is about Chas, and specifically shows off how Chas can die and keep coming back.

Through clips, we see what’s made Chas rather resilient, something that could have been pushed much further. And with Chas’ ability and partnership with Constantine, we see how its impact his relationship with his family. If the episode really focused on that more, it would have been all the more stronger.

Instead we get Zed and Constantine having a chat about her role, and why she was attacked… that’s not brought up for the rest of the episode. We get their battling some demon due to a deal with Faust. And we have extraneous moments that could have been cut out. The episode would have been strongest focusing on Chas’ relationship with Constantine and his family and leaving the rest as extraneous stuff. The battle to free everyone’s soul could have lasted 5 minutes if the rest was strong enough.

What’s interesting is, the episode ends with Constantine and Zed, and a nice moment between them, showing that folks seemed to get that the character interactions would have been the best route to go. This was an episode that would have been stronger shaking off the scares and horror and instead simplify itself by just focusing on the people.

Overall rating: 7


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