TV Review: Constantine S1E9 The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2


Picking up where the winter break left off, Constantine is shot, bleeding, and a weird demon thing is about to attack him and Zed is in the back of a van kidnapped being taken to her father. Basically, things aren’t looking good for either of them.

Constantine is back kicking off the rest of its first season and continuing on the two plot threads.

And what feels like the first time, the stakes are amped up a bit and it feels like Constantine might really screw up here and pay for it. Shot and bleeding, he decides the best way to survive and heal is to let a demon in his body. That turns him into a raving mad loon and winds up in jail, and putting the hurt on folks while possessed. The issue now comes up, how do you fight a possession and perform an exorcism when a person is in jail? That leads to the team coming together to help save Constantine.

The story itself is a bit choppy with Zed just kind of popping up to help them and Annie just kind of helping out after she shot him. It’s kind of odd with not enough of a build as to why and feels like a lot of things have been cut out. It almost feels like things are missing….

But, the highlight is Matt Ryan, who as Constantine gets to snarl, spit, and thrash about as a man literally possessed. He continues to be the best thing about the series, and no matter what happens, here’s hoping he gets to continue as John Constantine elsewhere if need be.

The episode had some of the better moments of the year, and it felt like there was actual danger for Constantine, any issues here seem to have fallen on whomever edited the two-parter.

Overall rating: 7.5


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