Marvel releases an Ant-Sized Ant-Man Teaser Trailer

Bravo Marvel! Today, the company has released a miniature look at the very first teaser for Marvel’s Ant-Man and catch the full thing during the two-hour series premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter Tuesday, January 6 beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC!

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  • LAME I found this more annoying then an exciting reason to tune in

    • I hate the trend of teaser trailers for trailers, but at least this one is creative.

      • Well it is diffrent I give them that. I’d prefer they do something like the Dark Knight joker online campaighn THAT KEPT ME ENGAGED instead of just ughhh waiting waiting waiting

        • The Dark Knight alternate reality campaigns were fantastic. I would love to see what Marvel did with it. I’m pissed I never got my Harvey Dent t-shirt when they were touring and handing them out like a political campaign.

          • I wanted to go pick up one of the cakes in Cleveland that had the cell phone it but never made it I also got far enough to get to see the first 10 min in Pittsburgh but couldn’t find a ride. They could have easily done something like this with several of there movies heck even thor we coulda all be an intern for portmans charector. Fan boys and Girls would love to run around