Drifter #3 boasts cover by Djurdjevic

Writer Ivan Brandon and artist Nic Klein’s dark new science fiction series Drifter sketches the tale of an abandoned, lawless town in a strange and alien landscape. The third issue of this hit new series will have a sinister variant cover by Marko Djurdjević, ready to pass judgment on those who have yet to make the jump into Drifter.

In Drifter #3, Abram Pollux heads deep below the surface while on his quest for revenge. There he discovers that humans are not the dominant life form on Ouro.

Drifter #3 will be available on 1/21. Cover A by Klein can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code NOV140649. Cover B by Djurdjević can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code NOV140650.

Drifter #3 Djurdjevic

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