TV Review: Constantine S1E8 The Saint of Last Resorts

CONSTANTINE-First-Official-Image1Anne Marie, a member of the Newcastle crew, asks John and Chas for help in Mexico City — bringing them close to the heart of the rising darkness; Zed is haunted by her past.

The religious aspect of Constantine is finally kicking in, two episodes in a row we’re dealing with religion. Last week was a faith healer and snake handling, and this one is straight up children being abducted and a church.

The episode is split though. While Constantine deals with stolen babies, Zed is wandering around back in town, and meeting up with Eddie, who we know something is up. And…. we finally get more of an idea about Zed. We know her name is Mary, and we know her father heads some cult, and she’s some sort of savior for it.

The episode gives us background not just on Zed, but also on Constantine, of whom we meet an old flame of his. And even though he’s been a bit of an ass the rest of the season, especially towards women, he seems to actually care about this one.

What’s solid about this episode is that there’s actually some creepy imagery, especially with some demons at the end. There’s some odd moments though, like Chas coming and going, and the end is a little odd as far as choices.

This is the series’ first two-parter, so we’ll see how ti concludes next week, but another decent entry into a series that’s clearly finding its footing.

Overall rating: 7.75


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