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Review: Thor #3

thor 003 - covThe latest issue of Thor is bound to cause the same reaction from readers as the previous two so far in this series, only with perhaps more of a resolution for those that are not happy with the new direction with a female Thor.  As we still do not know the identity of the new female Thor, we are drawn to instinctively root for her as she is separated from Mjolnir, and forced against a group of Ice Giants who are intent on killing her.  Separated from her weapon, she does not even know if she still has power, but she proves soon enough to be willing and able to defend herself.  Of course there is more going on here, with both Malekith and Roxxon having a part to play in the proceedings, but it is in the titular character that the series finds its strength once again.

For those that cannot look past the concept behind the new Thor, they are indeed missing a lot.  This isn’t the same Thor, but it is one that has a far different focus.  Instead of simply fighting his way through all the threats, this new Thor has to be more strategic, or at least chooses to be so, relying on wit as much as brawn.  At the same time, those clamoring for the return of the male Thor might have some better hopes after this issue, as the story of what happened to make him lose control of the hammer becomes a little bit clearer, even while we understand nothing more about the identity of the female Thor.

Overall this is a pretty fun issue.  Its pacing is well handled as it flows well from page to page, through some exposition and some action.  In the end the main character comes off as strong as we have seen her, which is promising for issues to come, even if she is facing an unexpected threat by the end of the end of this issue (though perhaps it should have been expected by the readers.)  As is evident in other titles, the male Thor is still alive and well, and with this series focusing on the female Thor, there is only more to go around now.  The character is worthy to carry this title, and those that cannot see otherwise are missing out.

Story: Jason Aaron  Art: Russell Dauterman
Story:  8.5 Art: 8.5  Overall: 8.5  Recommendation: Buy

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