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Review: Suicide Risk #20

SuicideRisk20_coverAThe latest issue of Suicide Risk finds the characters effectively at the end of Act One of the broad story.  Still trying to deal with the battlefield threats posed by the invading forces, Requiem is also forced to deal with Aisa, who is now fully back to her old self and not at all happy about what has transpired during her alternate life.  As the two battle in space, the remainder of the Men of Gold battle on Earth, and it is incidentally through the same agent that there is some resolution in both cases.  What has made this series stand out though, is that there is not only ever conflict in one way, but usually in two, as the ingenious use of alter egos in this series creates additional conflict for Leo even when Requiem seems to be out of danger.

A lot of developments of this issue seem like a combination of tying up loose ends, while also setting up conflict for the future.  Perhaps this is a bit or purposeful manufacturing to fit this series neatly into a trade paperback with this issue close to a breaking point for a story, but whatever the reason, the split here seems natural enough as it gives both sides a chance to restock and reload.  From what has been an engaging series so far, this seems like the closing of a chapter, only so much so that the next one can be told right away.

The end result of this issue and the series thus far is the same overall level of excellence as has been seen so far.  For anyone that likes superheroes but wants a stronger narrative behind the heroes themselves, this is probably the best series on the market.  While other companies try for concept driven crossovers, this entire series is a crossover, and this issue stands with the rest of them as being worthy of the progression of the series thus far.  At the same time, it does leave open the question of how much longer this story can go on, especially after some degree of intermediate resolution here, but there is still a lot of story to tell, and the closer the reader gets to completion is to their benefit.

Story:  Mike Carey Art: Elena Casagrande
Story:  8.8 Art: 8.8  Overall: 8.8  Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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