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Review: Cloaks #4

cloaks 4 - covWith this fourth issue of Cloaks, the miniseries wraps up, though leaving the readers still guessing somewhat.  After been forced to chase all over for Evy and to stop her plan, Adam finally confronts her in this issue, and while he doesn’t necessarily get the end result that he was after, at least there is some kind of resolution here.  As the action unfolds here, this issue ends up mostly being a series of action sequences, most of which are well paced and fun to read, even though they act as mostly a distraction from the remainder of the story.

The inherent problem with this entire series was that it was too rushed.  Adam is thrown through training montages in what could have been good opportunities for character development, and while Evy as the villainess is sassy and compelling, she ends up being somewhat two-dimensional as character, existing here seemingly only to be bad with little other motivation than that.  So too was magic played into this series, but that too ended up being only touched on, or elaborated in seemingly impossible ways, involving all kinds of excuses and explanations but not much in terms of actually moving the story forward.

To do justice to the ideas behind this series, it would seem like there should have been at least six issues invested in the idea.  It is almost forgotten that in the first issue that Adam was some kind of Occupy-movement Robin Hood type of character, but that has been all but forgotten here, and its role in his own character development is at this stage somewhat pointless.   So too are the action sequences out of place here, or at least in the quantity that they exist.  While it is necessary to show Evy as an equal to Adam in almost every way, the precious space for this series is lost as character development is traded for flash, and it ends up being to the detriment of the story.  As a series, this issue ends up being a good representation of what it did.  It showed some potential and even had some fun moments, but ended up missing out on most of what it was trying to capture.

Story: Caleb Monroe Art: Mariano Navarro
Story: 6.8 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Pass

Boom! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.