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Winner Announced For Darby Pop Publishing’s “Breaking Into Comics” Contest

stingrayAfter marathon reading sessions and high-spirited debate, IDW-distributed Darby Pop Publishing has announced the winner of its “Breaking Into Comics” writing contest.  The company put out a call for complete scripts featuring the character of Stingray — a hero-turned-villain from the publisher’s flagship title, Indestructible. All told, Darby Pop Publishing received more than 170 entries in just one month. Jeff Marsick from Fairfield, CT was named the contest’s winner.

Marsick made a bold choice that turns the character’s implied backstory on its head. Marsick came up with something the Darby Pop team hadn’t really considered… but that should work remarkably well within this universe.

Marsick has been trying to break into comics for some time as a regular contributor to Newsarama’s “Best Shot” feature, as the host of several podcasts, and as the writer of two creator-owned series, Z Girl and the 4 Tigers and Dead Man’s Party, all of which Darby Pop was unaware of at the time. ”

To make sure everyone had a fair chance, the scripts were read blind, not even the lengthy introductions were read, so as to not influence opinions of the work.

Marsick’s first work-for-hire script will now go into the editorial and production pipelines, and Marsick will receive a $500 bounty. Readers can expect to see Indestructible: Stingray with cover art by another comics first-timer — Jeff Langevin — in comic book shops and online in May of 2015. And, according to Cozine, chances are good that Darby Pop Publishing will hold a similar competition sometime soon.

The company is going to send everyone who entered a free iTunes code that can be used to download the first issue of Doberman – another Darby Pop title with a definite comedic bent.  Just to say ‘thank you.’