TV Review: Constantine S1E6 Rage of Caliban

CONSTANTINE-First-Official-Image1When a young boy is taken over by a malevolent spirit, John must put aside his misgivings over exorcising a child and convince the parents that their boy is not all that he seems.

The latest episode of the in-doubt series is another solid entry, much improved from the early episodes. It’s not a great episode, but still continues the string of entertaining episodes that do well to expand the Constantine universe and Constantine the character.

Kicking off right away showing the character’s penchant for sleeping around and causing problems, it’s clear the real focus is on the character himself and his past. And by the end that’s very clear.

Constantine failed in dealing with demons and children in the past, so his hesitation is understandable. He has to overcome that to succeed, and in a rather satisfying way he does. The episode also wraps up as hinting towards something bigger down the road, something that was needed earlier in the season.

There’s some solid dark humor, all delivered with an entertaining smartass glee by actor Matt Ryan, who has inhabited the main character since the start. Ryan is a true draw for the series.

With a bit of reworking, and the Halloween(ish) theme, the episode would have been a solid debut, instead of the lackluster beginning. Hopefully the series continues this positive course, and Constantine gets even more of a chance to show off.

Overall rating: 8


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