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Review: Pirouette #2

pir 2 covIf there can be said to be such a thing as sub-genre within comics of female clown characters, then already by this second issue has Pirouette stolen everything of use from Harley Quinn and moved on to better things.  After the first issue, we were left with some ambiguity about where this series could be headed.  Of course it was headed back to Lima, Ohio, but aside from that it was not really clear if this series was meant to be a horror, a drama, a comedy, an adventure, a crime noir or a mix of all of them.  By the end of the second issue things are moving in a more defined direction, but it is not the story that moves this so much as the instantly lovable main character, Pirouette.  In essence she channels a lot of what has made a lot of other comic book characters so popular (like most of the X-Men and Spider-Man) by being an outsider, unable to fit in, except she is doing so inside of a circus, the very place where people that can’t fit in are supposed to run away to.

The story telling here is nothing short of fantastic.  Interspersed with the crime of the clowns and the technical and historical aspects of the circus is that of Pirouette.  Seeing as she has had a small rebellion and lost in the previous issue, she figures here that it is time to get on board with the other clowns, at least until she can get what she wants.  Given the first opportunity she runs away from the circus eager to find the family that left her all those years ago, and the reader is taken along step-by-step on the journey.

There is little to complain about in this issue, nor in this series so far.  Its pace is frenetic, meeting that of the attitude of its main character, and similar to the work being done on Gotham Academy, the reader explores the world of Pirouette in an organic and logical way, through her own eyes, without it feeling forced.  There are for sure other secrets hiding within this circus, but Pirouette seems like she will have an answer for all of them and the reader will be treated to the experience.

Story: Mark L. Miller Art: Carlos Granda
Story: 9.2 Art: 8.6 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Black Mask provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.

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