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Review: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #19

hmatmotu - covIt is almost by accident that I find myself reading this series on a monthly basis.  I was mostly drawn in the previous month by the conclusion of the story which introduced She-Ra into the ongoing series.  I was curious about the character after finding myself a passive fan in the 1980s, when the She-Ra television show was all that was on television in the mornings.  Surprisingly though, I found a comic series not really based in what I thought would be something more aimed at a younger audience that might enjoy the toys, and instead was a fairly sophisticated comic aimed at an older readership, and one willing and able to compete with other series with a similar theme and setting.

I was still unsure, but I was curious enough to pick up issue #19 to see if what was going on here was something worth reading, and based off of this issue it is.  In this issue is the introduction to the next broad story arc involving the character, and one tying much more closely into his own past, both a past that he knows and one that he does not.  As a child the impetuous Adam was not given much credit, and is used as a pawn by his uncle in an attempt at regicide, though he eventually finds through his own bloodline that he possesses a power which he never knew.  Throughout the story a more realistic approach to storytelling is used, and the character is shown to be a pawn of forces far beyond those of his uncle.  Additionally, a lot of background I added which acts as too strengthen both the characters of Adam and Teela.

Any readers hesitant to pick up this series as I was, as He-Man is a thing of a childish past, might want to reconsider.  The series is in solid creative hands, and does not dwell too much on that which came before in previous incarnations, instead focusing on creating its own mythos and delivering solid stories.  In terms of mixtures of fantasy and science-fiction one usually expects to find these at the independents, but really DC has a similar property on its hands which gets little attention, but is deserving.

Story: Rob David Art: Tom Derenick
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read

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